Meredith Area Chamber Online Auction

Meredith Area Chamber Online Auction - For Sellers

Guidelines for Adding Items to the Online Store

The Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce and Meredith Village Savings Bank have partnered to create an online store for businesses in the Meredith area to sell products, services and gift cards online. The online store opens Friday May 22, and closes Sunday May 31. The online store is an online auction site, which the Chamber has purchased an account to create one place for the public to support your business.

Participating businesses will receive 100% of all the proceeds from the sale of their item, thanks to Meredith Village Savings Bank and the Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the processing fees.

Involvement will be open only to members of the Meredith Area Chamber until May 15. Starting May 16 any non-member businesses located in the Meredith area may enter items if there is room for additional items.

Businesses may offer items with standard bidding starting with a minimum bid amount, or at a fixed amount using the buy now option. Please see our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS PAGE for more information on how these options work.

Each business can submit up to three different items for the auction. Businesses can offer multiple quantities of the same item. This would count for one of your total allowed items. For example, you may add 20 gift cards that are worth $25 each. This would count as one item. In this scenario, you are required to use the "buy now" option.

We suggest that you offer items that will maximize purchase and income. Be creative with your listings by offering packages of like items. Buyers will be looking for items to give away for birthdays, anniversaries and graduation. Gift packages for kids, or teachers will be also a popular item.

Item pick up, delivery and shipping will be the responsibility of the business.

Payments will be collected by the Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce for each sale. The Chamber will forward those payments to the business via PayPal by June 8, which requires the business to set up a PayPal account. If you absolutely cannot set up a PayPal account, the Chamber will mail you a check, but this will take up to two additional weeks to process.

Meredith Village Savings Bank and the Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce will promote the auction through social media, radio, digital ads and email. We will provide you with marketing materials so that you can help promote the campaign through your own social media outlets.

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